The Cosmosys Art Collective is proud to present our newest, latest and most recent artpack 'Mythos'. This magical artfeast shows a variety of interesting takes on alternative universes, old stories, self created mythologies and intruiging environments. Our artists dug deep into their own minds to create wonderful fantasy. Behold and enjoy this epic showcast of our interpretation of MYTHOS.
'Nordlys' by Joakim Olaussen
'Ages Of Other Worlds' by  Kevin Hilgendorf
'Genesis of Legens' by  Kevin Hilgendorf
'Ancient' by  Kevin Hilgendorf
'Meteos' by Mac Paje
'The Third Sister' by Georgia Th
'The Stranger' by HalfLife
'Lady Dragon' by Matteo Ascente
'Nemean Lion' by Edgar Romanovskis
'Griffin' by Mac Paje
'Reaper'  by Rebecca Weaver
'Mythos' by Dafne & Stoogie
'Bigfoot Fudge' by Tim Doyle
''Yeti Blue Raspberry' by Tim Doyle
'Loch Ness Lime' by Tim Doyle
'God King' by Ricardo Andres
''Spirit of mother nature' by Edgar Romanovskis
'Darak' by Ricardo Andres
'Artemis" by Rebecca Weaver
'"Immemorial" Daniel Tatarinow
'Balance" Daniel Tatarinow
' Yggdrasil' by Ricardo Andres