"Christmas Workshop" Ecard
for Windmill Lane Studio, Dublin
I was tasked with modelling a Christmas Ecard for Windmill Lane. The brief was simple, a locked off camera showing a sleigh full of gifts with some animation that was looped. After running a quick Google search and coming up with the same image of a typical sleigh full of gifts I decided to do something different. At the time I was reading "Danny the Champion of the World" and it was one evening when I spotted one of Quentin Blakes quirky, inky drawings of Dannny and his fathers gypsy caravan that I thought "that would look great on a sleigh". The idea then evolved into a workshop on skis - or bobsleigh. I then looked through some concept artbooks of World of Warcraft and Warhammer where I found some fantastic, stylised caravans to help with design elements.

I wanted the overall astethic to be round, soft and bulbous. Something different from my usual sharp and angular modelling. I wanted all the models to look like they were caked in thick snow or made of marzipan. I also wanted it to be very exaggerated with a huge, top heavy tower with four giant lanterns hanging from the north, south, east and west. To counter the top heavy design, I purposely made the windows and doors bottom heavy. All the windows and doors are wide and sharp at the bottom while curved and narrow at the top. Finally the colour choice was simple, to use the branding colours of white, grey and orange of Windmill Lane Studio. To show it's a VFX studio, the workshop is filled with tv's and reels but also Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects icons such as the pen tool, polygon lasso and Text tool.
Christmas Workshop