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    TEDxYouth@Alexandria "Super Heroes"
Independently Organized TEDxYouth@Alexandria event will be presenting a lot of different ‘ideas worth spreading’. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. This year, the event will present the youth are mostly full of energy, ambition, enthusiasm, faith in achieving their goals, there are a lot of impossible missions they can accomplish on the very beginning of their life-changing journey. If our speakers could turn their dreams into reality, and put their ideas into action, YOU can do it as well.  the theme will be  “Super Heroes” . 
from this theme i start my challenge to translate all this words to
graphics describes ideas 
 the way i take Followed animation movies
animation movie you can enjoy to watch 
Correct Credits:
Production: TEDEd
Director: Kirill Yeretsky
Design: Kirill Yeretsky, Wing Lo, Robertino Zambrano 
Illustration: Wing Lo
Character design: Kirill Yeretsky
What makes a hero?- Matthew Winkler
 like a child  so much that I found this film  to take inspiration from it in a way set in my mind to the simplicity tried to develop it  and use the simplicty  way of charachter and shadow  like  icon and turn it to graphics  for TEDx 2013 and try to follow the story 
and big headlines story to be superhero what's you need !
we be start right now follow  the story 

the last one is icon for tedx 2013
event located at 
Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Great Hall
event identity
finally, I finished my work here 
i hope u like it ...