We decided the title of the art print we’re working at.
It’ll be called “Flora”, inspired by the Roman goddess of blooming, blossoming and spring.
We’ve studied a lot of color overlays for this print, we’ll need to use 10 screens, printing 12 colors.
We obtain more than 15 different chromatic effects.
We started with blue shade
Red. As You can see we’re already obtaining different colors and with 2 screens 
We printed a very strong orange color that, going on red, created some very nice shadows on the body of the mysterious animal on the right of the print.
Then we had the same good effect with a pink ink on red.
A yellow and then a gold
The eight ink we used has been a metallic green.
It went on blue shade and red creating a lot of great effects (like the shadows in the grass and leaves and moss covered trees).
And the black
And last touch has been an iridescent blue ink on the water to give an idea of depth to the little lake.