DeLorean E
the DeLorean was DeLorean Motor Company's rear engine sports car introduced in 1981,
it was a dream project of John DeLorean, which was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and later engineered by Colin Chapman,
unfortunately it never got to see the success it deserved.
today out of the 9,000 produced cars, approximately only 6,500 are on the road.

Now, time has come to bring the legend of the past, back to the future, and fully prepared for it!
Welcome to project DeLorean E !
The project has been featured on the reputed International Automotive Magazine Car and Driver, in an article written by Antonio Ramos Ochoa:
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the​​​​​​​ Past with the Future
The DeLorean E is a fully electric 2 seater sports car, powered by 4 high performance motors and a mid-mounted battery pack.
The design language follows boxy styling and smooth silhouettes of the original car.

DeLorean E is a personal quick project which has been developed and executed completely in Blender over a span of 2 days, including creativity process of ideation and form generation.
the Innocent Shots
the Electric Shots
the​​​​​​​ Hatch
the​​​​​​​ Details
the​​​​​​​ Model
Thank you for your time!
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[ NOTE: This is a personal project done over a personal brief for DeLorean Motor Company. Models such as wheels, logo along with Textures, materials and HDRi are taken from e-stores and used under license. The project is completely owned by Onkar H Nirmale, and the work is not to be shared without permission. ]
DeLorean E

DeLorean E