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Homely – Tool Renting App


Homely simplifies the tasks that the users have to perform in order to achieve their goals. Once you open the app, you find the first screen split in 4, containing Homely’s main functionalities: the Toolkit Rental, where the user can search for and rent tools based on their DIY task; My Rentals, where the user can manage their rentals past, present, and future; My Account, where the user can update their payment methods and
notifications; and Lockers, where a map shows the user the nearest rental stores and lockers
to their location. In doing so, the users focus on their objectives and react positively to the app.

 The design is playful and engaging to the creative Homely user. The chosen colour palette is WCAG AA certified. 
All illustrations and graphics are self- and custom made for this app.

Homely – Tool Renting App
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Gisela Chueca