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Biennial Weekly Greek-English calendar

Biennial Weekly Greek-English Desk calendar displaying a week per page 
Those who have used this type of calendar in the past know just how useful it is. It lays flat on the current week which helps in remembering and organizing the week’s tasks better (scientific fact).
It informs you of important dates & celebrations and it’s always there to take down that tel. number someone “threw” at you, in a hurry, over the phone.
Duration: 17/12/2021 - 8/2/2024
Size: 21.9x15 cm
Binding: Spiral
Cover: Soft
Paper: FSC throughout
Available at NiboShop on Etsy
Biennial Weekly Greek-English calendar

Biennial Weekly Greek-English calendar

A very useful calendar (those who have used such format in the past, know it well). It lays flat on the desk displaying the entire week and is Id Read More


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