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3D Art

Vogue - Fleur

3D Art Sculpture.

To celebrate its launch, Vogue invited us to give our unique take as part of its Singapore in Bloom art project.

Inspired by The Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid, we translated its blooming qualities and rich symbolism into a hybridized futuristic orchid 3D sculpture, representing what it means for creatives and artists to grow and blossom in this new world.

Art Direction, Concept, 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting.

Materials Exploration.

The term hybridized plant might conjure up visions of a dystopian future. Well, that might not necessarily be true. We learned that the beautiful Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid actually originated as a hybridized plant some 127 years ago.

Through its resilience and beauty, it became the National Flower of Singapore. To visualize our new hybrid for our utopian future, we experimented with mixing materials, creating this translucent iridescent texture for our orchid.

- Texture details -

- Full Artwork -

Process & Development.

To have more control over the crafting of our composition, we modeled our orchid from the ground up. With our custom mixed-material, the flower's translucency, color, and reflection transform as the iridescence is being generated on the fly when reacting to the light sources.


- Wireframe / Final / Clay Model -

The flashy, shimmering, iridescent sheen reflects the resilience and boldness of its hybrid nature. Our hopes and enthusiasm is translated through the translucent petals that give off an other-worldly light, symbolizing a new beginning.

Title Fleur     |    Edition 1/1    |    Size 4000 x 5000px  

We're thrilled to offer Fleur, as our Genesis Art release for collection, exclusively on Foundation as a 1/1 NFT.


As an added layer of authentication, Fleur is verifiable when inspecting this artwork using Adobe's Content Credential, displaying its history and attribution of the artwork before it enters the blockchain.

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