Zinfandel food&wine bar

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  • Zinfandel is a type of grapes with a very interesting past, so I did my homework, made a research and decided to base a visual identity on the story of Zinfandel. And the story (according to Edi Maletić, Ivan Pejić and numerous internet sources) goes: at the beginning of 19th century, Austro Hungarian immigrants took the seeds of Crljenak Kaštelanski with them to America. Surviving the big ships, brief romances between anxious passengers on deck and the whole turmoil of travel, seeds were planted in California, where they parented another sort, Zinfandel, wine beloved by hardworking gold diggers – it was strong, sturdy and grew well in the heat of the Californian soil. From there, it went back to Croatia again, and turned into celebrated Plavac that we now here know. Travel, steamships, immigrants, gold-diggers – I don’t know about you, but it sounds like more than interesting story to tell. And where there are good food and wine, there must be good stories to be told as well.