The Google Nexus Accessories project explores various design languages for a range of accessories that compliment and extend the Nexus ecosystem using simple forms, honest materials, and essential functional details.

Pillow Case Family

With the use of soft case countouring, various tactile zones become the iconic look of this product family. The contoured surfaces and highlighted interaction zones reflect the simple interaction for the user interface within the Nexus device.
A durable metal kickstand is integrated in the back of this phone case offering a hands free solution. The bold colored band focuses attention away from the product thickness while the contrasting surface finishes provide soft tactility. 
A continued theme that drives through the product design includes an integrated, technically welded, synthetic polyurethane cover that provides customization, protection and stability in media modes.
This larger case includes soft touch points like integrated elastomer side keys, soft textured back housing and an integrated polyurethane cover. A large metallic mounting point is included on the back surface to provide a visual engagement for the cover to connect.
Having more sculpted and crisp surface transitions distinguishes the dialed look and feel for this product family. Using a variety of materials like metal, leather, and dark colors enable a premium product focus and more tactile touch points.
A combination of sculpted surface treatments and soft materials like TPU and polycarbonate engage a contrast in user visual perceptions. The vibrant color hue provides a great palette for branding to stand out and user customization.
A theme that drives the product design includes a bi-folding premium leather case that provides protection and stability in media use cases. A sculpted TPU frame is used to give side protection and tactile security when in use.
By using flat and crisp surface layers, this design provides attachment points for a premium leather case and structure for edge protection.
Headphones are an extension of a brand’s visibility to the outside world. People not only wear headphones to provide isolation in more personal interactions, but also as expressive touchpoint to show off what experience they are engaged in.
Phones and Tablets have become a staple in everyone’s lives which mean that they are more powerful and used more everyday. This means that power is drained faster and the need for elegant charging solutions that live around you must be developed.
Having a pure design that blends into a users environment but also enables flexibility in how it is used, this desktop solution uses inductive charging for the N4 but also allows dock charging for larger tablets.
Google Nexus Accessories