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Beautiful World(s)
Beautiful World(s): KCAI Biennial Exhibition Print Design & Campus Campaign
As a design interpretation of the exhibition theme “Beautiful World(s)”, the semiotics of coding and nature was introduced into the visual identity system, bringing us back to the cyber-spring under the pandemic which “can’t be cancelled” (David Hockney, 2020). Covid, media and screen-based reality augmentation techs changed our way of perceiving the aesthetics of nature: beauty can be plural, as well as our art stories, and our answers to the dynamic world(s).

As an experimental design practice, the cyberplants were spreading in out campus through an interactive print design on the wall, before the opening of the show - a plural welcoming for everybody.


Kansas City Art Institute

Exhibition Committee:
Maura Cluthe
Rodrigo Carazas Portal
Bona Bones
Santiago Culullu
Sherry Sparks
Ruben Castillo
Eager Zhang
H&R Block Artspace:
Raechell Smith (Director)
Marcus Cain (Manager of 
Operations and Communications)

Eager Zhang

Project Assistant:
Ricardo Rosales
Rylie Lawver​​​​​​​
Beautiful World(s)
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Eager Zhang