Personal project
Ink, watercolour and white ink for details on A3 Bockingford watercolour paper
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I got the idea for the map last year. For a long time I could not start doing anything, so one day I made a list of films in my big black sketchbook. The first rough sketch of the map was also born there: I made 9 zones (one for each film, except for 'The Wind Rises'), tried to connect the films somehow so that it would look like they belong to one world. Films were divided into categories of 'magic world', 'real world' and 'man-made disasters'. And of course it was impossible to forget about a huge piece of the sea!
I didn't like the landscape that I came up with, so I took the map of Japan as a basis: these are the islands of Shikoku and Kyushu (with Miyazaki Prefecture 🌚) and a piece of Honshu Island. I also divided this real map into nine parts and drew the outlines of the earth on a large sheet of paper - my future 'clean' sketch.  
And then there was the most enjoyable part: I took one film, watched it, took screenshots, and then drew the most iconic things from the film on the clean sketch.
The next stage is transferring the sketch through the light table on a list of Bockingford watercolour paper. Some things were removed and changed a bit.
Then inking! I used Rohrer&Klingner Antiktushche (Ceresschwarz color, waterproof), Nikko pen G and very comfortable Moblique pen holder (it's really comfy for such a long time of inking). It took me three evenings to finish the line art.
I had a palette of Ghibli films from Pinterest and tried to colourise line art in Procreate to figure out what my colours should be. Ended up with a good old watercolour thumbnail. And then colouring started!
It came out quite good 🥰
A short video of the process for your amusement
Thank you for watching!

Studio Ghibli Map

Project Made For

Studio Ghibli Map

Illustrated map of Studio Ghibli films directed by Hayao Miyazaki.