"HOMEWORK" is my printed folio.
It contained all my work made
during my 3rd year at the Institute of Fine Art in Besançon.
My folio is completed by my website (more project's details).
Photo : Céline Chevreau de Montléhu & Corentin Andreosso
Photo (book editing) : Scanner V300 Epson
Graphic Design : Corentin Andreosso
Typeface : Gotham Narrow
Print : ISBA 
Special Thanks to : Anaïs Maillot-Morrel, Christophe Gaudard, Didier Mutel, Sacha Léopold, Pierre-Noël Bernard, Michel Collet, Catherine Guiral, Rémi Clémencin, Isabelle Massu, Michel Bouvet, Nicolas Bardey, François Havegeer, Géraldine Pastor-Lloret, Etienne Voiriot, Denis Prisset.