Refreshing Australia's original business tool

MYOB is a software platform founded in the 80’s, providing tax, accounting and business services for small to medium sized business. They have always been about empowering small business owner’s to do things themselves. Now, 40 years on, their business is rapidly transforming from an online accounting provider to a best-in-class business platform.

Business in flow

MYOB do the work to facilitate, simplify, clarify. “Business in Flow” describes a business in a state of perpetual motion; fluid, integrated and agile in its effective execution of business fundamentals.
The renewed brand is adaptive and versatile in it’s expression - it’s system allows for endless variations that reinforce the idea that a successful business is always changing and adapting to what is needed at any point in time.

Running a business is a continuous proposition. It requires continual effort, motivation, and momentum to survive and succeed. Today, business means having to work quickly and on the go – being dynamic, responsive to changes and relevant to the times. Business owners have the need for integrated workflows, where they can quickly take care of business, saving time to focus on the opportunities that drive progress.

A system that grows and changes with your business

Leveraging existing equities in the logo, colours and gradient, we extended the possibilities of the brand by integrating new motion principles, an extensive graphic system, refreshed messaging and an expanded colour palette.

With the refresh, we introduced Illustrations created by Lucas Wakamatsu. These illustrations reinforce the diversity and inclusivity that's essential for all businesses today. In application they interact with flow lines and glow states.

The flow line represents flow in all its forms, always moving, and rarely ‘resolving’ – because the beauty of being in flow is that you’re always moving confidently towards what’s next.


Creative Directors - Mel Baillache and Alexis Waller
Executive Creative Director - Jason Little
Copywriters - Mat Groom, Daniel St. Vincent
Strategy - Malcolm Miller
Designers - Kelsen Findlay, Dash O'Brien-Georgeson, Simon Blanckensee, Georgia Urie
Motion Design - Ben Nichols, Simon Blanckensee, Mac Archibald
Illustration - Lucas Wakamatsu