Ebb and Flow
(Un)Natural Histories: Alternate Landscapes and Alien Botanical Forms
   As above, so below.  On the surface, my images are an exploration of fantastic or theoretical realities: wild, sensual and surreal without sensationalizing.  But they are also an analogy for inner realities and the uncharted dream landscape... introspective places hidden until we deliberately seek them out in some effort of understanding.  Everything is a symbol, whether an object, an event or a state of mind.  From the stormy landscape of a turbulent thought, to the lazy quiet contemplation of a humid afternoon, the symbolic landscape transforms and blends and constantly evolves.  Details reveal themselves to the attentive observer with subtle languages of color, depth and atmosphere.

   With my work I strive to give the viewer an opportunity to meditate on quiet concepts, to sense the breath of the unseen, hear the stirrings of the unheard.  The image is a window; the border is a frame.