Alexander Taylor
He is a leading Europe product designer. Just like our other curator Andre Klauser, he is also a member of RCA, London. He has received many prizes for his work including the Elle Decoration 'Home Accessory of the Year' and 'Young Designer of the Year' awards and work is now in the public collections at The Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Chicago Institute of Design. Alexander has worked as a consultant for the Adidas performance division, and 2012 Olympic games in London.
Andre Klauser
Andre Klauser works on a range of design-led projects in the field of furniture, product, interiors and exhibition design. He currently works for Jasper Morrison at Office for Design in London. For his work he often draws inspiration from the everyday and how we use the things we surround ourselves with. Andre Klauser is now a member of RCA, London.
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson is a 3D Industrial designer, based in UK. He specialized in mass-produced products. one-off hand made commissions and interiors projects. His work has been extensively published and exhibited worldwide. Ben works from his Design studio in East London on projects for many major global brands, Be also teaches at the RCA on the ma design products course. With divers selection of curators, we make sure that the 30 products selected is the best out of the best.
Freyja Sewell
She is a British product designer who was awarded the prestigious London Design Museum Residency. Exploring other cultures has become a central part of her creative practice. Freyja's work aims to have an inherent sustainability. Often working with materials that are natural or biodegradable, she takes an experimental approach to product development. Since the founding of her studio in 2011 she has completed commissions for such clients as The London Design Museum and Selfridges.
Stelios Geros
Stelios Geros is a fashion designer and pattern maker based in UK. He currently works as a teacher in Istituto Marangoni London. A view of a British fashion teacher would complement our board of curators. His judgment will represent the British eye's takes on art. We make sure that the 30 products selected can be excepted in global market.
Suzanne Lussier
She is an art historian based in London, UK. She graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Arts in 1998. Currently she's been lecturing art history in Istituto Marangoni, London. Suzanne Lussier have plenty of experiences on curating art. She was one of the curators for the Victoria & Albert Museum which is one of the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design.
Martin Postler
Martin Postler studied Industrial Design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He is one the founders and now the director of PostlerFerguson, an international-recognized creative agency. Martin has worked for diverse design agencies all over the world. He worked for companies from Hamburg, Tokyo, London. His judgment in our board of curators would represent the universal view of art crafts.
Ian Ferguson
Architect, designer, and co-founder with Martin Postler of Postler-Ferguson; a company specializing in developing cultural, economic and technologicla strategies through design. Both of them have a degree in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London and have also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and at the Muthesius  Academy of Fine Art & Design, in Kiel (Germany).
Nancy Margried
Nancy Margried is an Indonesian award-winning entrepreneur who's well-known as the creator of Batik Fractal. With a common interest in art, Nancy Margried worked collaboratively with architect Muhammad Lukman and mathematician Yun Hariyadi to create a software that can help to produce the traditional batik with high precision and accuracy. This project brought Nancy to win the 2008 Indonesian ICT Award and Unesco's Award of Excellence at the 2008 Asia Pacific ICT Awards.
Bridget Fleming
Bridget Fleming is a photographer at Harper Bazaar magazine in the US. She has done a photography series called downtownfrombehind (DFB) which highlights scences of New Yorkers riding their bicycle on the street captured from behind. This series of photography has been featured in many media including New York Times, Nylon magazine, Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire and Telegraph. Bridget Fleming graduated from University of Newcastle in the UK and currently lives in New York.
Francis Surjaseputra
Francis Surjaseputra is a prominent interior designer in Indonesia as he is the president of Indonesian Interior Design Association. He graduated from the prestigious Bath College of High Education in the UK and Parsosns School of Art and Design in France. Francis started his career as a Planner/Architect for Research & Development and currently he is the director of PT. Axon Sembilan Puluh. His works have been recognized and nominated for many awards in the Indonesia Interior Design Association.
Chandra Johan
Chandra Johan is the director of Indonesian Binnale, Indonesian most celebrated art festival. He is also an art and design critic with his educational background, graduating from the well-known Bandung Institute of Technology. Johan has curated several numbers of solo and group exhibitions such as "Indo Art" at Zoetermeer, Netherlands and Sariwangi Women Artists Awards. He's also one of the nominator of Philips Morris Awards and recognized as Best Writer at Bandung Insitute of Technology.
Tex Saverio
Tex Saverio is an Indonesian fashion designer who found his passion when he was small. He proudly said that he is "100% local product" since he done all his study in Indonesia. Women are Saverio's biggest inspiration and it can be seen as his design has been worn by many incredible women such as Ruth Sahanaya, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardhasian and recently by Jennifer Lawrence. Saverio received the Mercedez-Benz Asia Fashion Award which proves his capability and that it's not an overstatement to call him Indonesia's Alexander McQueen.
Sou Fujimoto
Sou Fujimoto is the third Japanese architect who was invited to design the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London. He graduated from University of Tokyo and built his own company, Sou Fujimoto Architects in 2000. The company received many awards such as Rice Design Alliance Prize and Wallpaper Magazine Design Awards. Sou Fujimoto had a chance to design an installation with the theme "retreat" in the 1:1 Architects Build Small Spaces exhibition in one of the well-known museums in London, Victoria & Albert Museum. Currently, Sou Fujimoto teaches at Illinois Institute of Technology.
Yoshiko Ikoma
Yoshiko Ikoma is a fashion journalist from Japan. She worked as an editor at Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire Japan edition for four years until she decided to work as a freelance journalist and editor. Yoshiko Ikoma also gives lecture and does fashion, art and lifestyle projects. One of her unique projects is called "WAO" which is aimed to introduce Japanese traditional crafts by combining them with international brands. "WAO" project is one of the inspirations for Palapa Network and thus it is an honour to welcome Yoshiko Ikoma in Palapa curatorial team.
Realrich Sjarief
Realrich Sjarief is currently a lecturer at University of Pelita Harapan and an urban design architect in design company such as GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) and DUyCM. He established Design Oriented Territory Workshop, a collaborative workshop of designer. Not only in Indonesia, Sjarief was also part of the Norman Foster Architecture team, Fosters And Partners in which he worked on the new Masdar Headquarters in Abu Dahbai's Masdar City. His work is also appreciated internationally as he was awarded the bronze prize for his wetland sensitive competition entry for New Songdo City in South Korea.


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