My four years old daughter said the other day that her feet are made of plastic and they have name, Ina being the right one and Clara the left one. She also gave me the task to find a name for my feet too.
That sort of surreal marvels come all the time from her and inspire me every day. She was the inspiration for this Christmas card and I also used her as a reference although she has very different features from this girl here.

It's funny because the initial sketch I made had a completely different composition but she came up with this pose looking up with the brush in her hands between her knees and managed to keep still for barely a second. I can't blame her, I made this drawing a few months ago, it was still summer and the winter jacket must have been really hot. Anyway I deciced to abandon my old idea and use this pose instead.
I wish a happy holidays and a creative and peaceful new year 2014 to you all!