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    Logo for an Tunisia based retail startup.
A technology retailer start-up based in Tunisa. 
Logo and Design Samples 
Flat UI This is a very new design trend. Sticking to this aesthetic (flat, bold, color, and crisp) I wanted this logo to look current. 
Rudimentary Sketches:
The original name of the company was called Cartha Group. The name comes from the acient city of Carthage in Tunisia. The tech retailer wanted to create a strong icon, something with simplicity and duplicity. Finding the overhead view of the Port of Carthage to be a strong icon, I used the C and G in the original name and drew a logogram merging the letters and the shape of the port.
After initial development, the name changed Kenlyn, a hybird of the two names of the founder's children. The initial logogram was liked so much, it was kept as the main symbol.