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ServiceNow App Redesign: Automating Asset Management
This internship project was conducted as a team of 3 individuals from different fields of specialization. I handled the UI/UX part of this problem along with one of my teammates. 

The Problem: 
Tracking asset movements is a very manual process
For an engineer to receive or move an asset to another location:
1. Login to ServiceNow (using workplace device)
2. Update the asset state when checking out (In Transit, Stock)
3. Update the asset work notes on who took the asset.
4. Once an asset has been moved to a new location, steps 1 and 2 are repeated to check in the asset at the new location

To Audit a location:
Take Laptop with them on site
Use the hand-held scanner to scan asset details on a spreadsheet
Email the spreadsheet to the SACM Team.

Guiding Principles:
Customer perspective is vital
Functionalities should be intuitive (without the need to train end-users)
Best practice of UX / UI principles (Consistency, typography, etc)
Scalable (involving millions of assets)
Upgradability, Maintainability, Performance, User experience, Security

Background (List of Assets):
•20,000 hardware assets that are under Cenitex control in various locations.
•1900 hardware assets that are “In Stock” across four locations.
•1 Mac Store -primary Storeroom.
•FRS Store - store located at 80 Collins Street primary for workplace devices for the Field and Remote Services Team.
•PDC Store – Small storage area in the Primary Data Center at Burwood.
•SDC Store – Small storage area n the Secondary Data Center at Ballarat
•Build Room – Small area at 80 Collins street where infrastructure is built / configured prior to deployment.
•Hardware assets fall into the following categories;
•Network Gear (IP Switches, IP Routers, Wireless Access Points)
•Workplace Devices (Laptops)

which will allow assets to be tracked in various locations, and help us in identifying the asset and who has borrowed it.

Future development:
We, as a team didn't have a lot of time to work on the project, so we also added potential future development ideas for Cenitex to use in the case that they pick up our solution:
Offline access to asset information, Multilingual Support, Integration of AI, Messenger/Communication service
ServiceNow App Redesign: Automating Asset Management

ServiceNow App Redesign: Automating Asset Management