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DTS Sound Signature
I had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate again with DTS, Inc., this time to create the new DTS Sound Signature.
For this production I came up with some new recording and sound design techniques I didn't try before.
The video and pictures shows how I was golfing water balloons and extracting massive sounds from milk, lentils and barley.
By the end of the video you'll also see the finished Sound Signature. Enjoy!

A crate full of water balloons! :  )
Ready to strike the water balloon.
The microphones were so close to the milk that I couldn't avoid getting them hit by the drops, but that's also why I was able to capture such detailed sounds from the milk.
This is the gear I was using to record, a beautiful sounding API 10 slot lunchbox with four 512c Preamps, two 550b EQs and four 527 Compressors. It's when I started to crank up the setting on the EQ and Compressors that I heard that deep sound coming from the milk. It's the spinning sound you can hear at the end of the sound signature. 

Here I was recording the basic harmonic structure of the sound signature.
I like using old pianos because of their unique way of being out of tune, when combined together the result is a fuller and more interesting sound.

This piano is the one I used for many other experiments, the keyboard is gone because I used it when I built the Bassoforte.
Here I was pinching the notes with a plier on the low strings. The harmonics that came out were incredibly beautiful.

Here you can read the press release from DTS.
And here you can see a short extract from one of the presentations I did at the NAB 2011 Show in Las Vegas.
DTS Sound Signature