This project was a school project about Bauhaus.
Bauhaus/Suahuab was a confrontation between technic and history.
I definitly can't represent all the importance of the Bauhaus, that's why I've decided to work about Kandinsky. 
All the image presented in the two books are about Kandinsky's work.
I've created two books, one more traditionnal, with black&white photograph and color to show the "history" of Vassily Kandinsky during 1919 and 1933. The second one was created by mistake, I'm a lucky man to have these colors after a bug during the printing. I would like to represent the technic and the experience of the kind of school.
Photo taken from the book : Vassily Kandinsky (Taschen)
Deisgn Graphic : Corentin Andreosso
Teacher : Elsa Maillot