Book Design


Book Design 
From the Printing Basics to the Most Impressive Designs
Have you ever been curious about what are the basic parts of a book? And how can we possibly make a book from zero to one? Book Design: From the Printing Basics to the Most Impressive Designs is a book to answer all your questions in mind. This three-chapter book offers you an overview of what a book is, how it is made, and how we could elevate it with good design and print techniques. 

The first chapter focuses on theoretical knowledge; the second chapter includes book designs of six selected book masters, followed by one-to one interviews with these designers; the third chapter presents contemporary book designs all over the world with details that make them stand out. It is not just a ‘must-have’ book for designers in the field, but a ‘should-have’ book for those who want to know more about a book’s structure, design, and manufacture.
Specification: 210 mm × 285 mm, 240 PP
Binding and Printing: Hardcover, Full color throughout 
Language: English 
ISBN (Sandu): 978-988-74493-9-3
ISBN (Hoaki): 978-84-17656-30-0

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Publisher: Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd.
Contributing Author: Chen Meihuan
Executive Editors: Jessie Tan, Liz Yao
Designers: Makkaihang Design, Wu Yanting
Cover Design: Makkaihang Design

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Book Design