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Outlaw Burger - Brand Identity

Outlaw Burger
Is a brand new concept of burger eating. Outlaw Burger is a western-based recipe that aims to fill your mouth with joy and fill your tummy with quality-made burgers. Our burger patties are made from 100% cattle farm-bred cows. You can tase the quality of the burger at the tip of your tongue.
Our Challenge
Was to create a strong identity that reflects the wild west look and feel for this burger brand. And to distinguish it among other burger brands with similar aspects.
Our Inspiration​​​​​​​
Rich and diverse is the culture of the wild west artworks. There were many sources of inspiration that we can count from Hollywood movies to vintage posters, carriages, and outfits.

The Logo
Inspired by the vintage wild west lettering and bold serifs, enter Outlaw Burger Logo-type. Strong, Bold, Artistic, and full of cowboy stamina.

Brand Motif
Using the tools at hand and inspired by the nature of hand-drawn look, We created supporting Illustrations and painted them with an appropriate color pallette that reflects the meanings of "Hot, Wild, and Tasty"

Presenting to you..
Please, click to enlarge for better cinematic experience.

"The Feeder" Visual Concept Breakdown.

Social Media Post Layout.

Senior Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist: Ahmed Adel Khater
Art Director: Ismail Sabry
Agency: OCG

Outlaw Burger - Brand Identity


Outlaw Burger - Brand Identity