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    Comic book story written by André Oliveira, illustrated by André Caetano and published in Café Espacial magazine number 12.
I was invited by Sérgio Chaves to participate in the 12th edition of Café Espacial, a brazillian comics magazine.
I invited my talented friend 
André Oliveira to write the story.

This number was selected for the Prix de la Bd Alternative, a prize for alternative comics in the Angoulême Comic book Festival.
To know more about Café Espacial visit their fb page:
Technique: Made with brush and ink, on paper. Grey tones painted digitally.

The version displayed here was translated to english for a better understanding.
The pages below are number one, two and four, of an eight page story.
Page number one
Page number 2
Page number 4
After reading the script by André Oliveira, i drew all the story in thumbnails.
Below are the pages nº3 and nº4.
Thumbnails for pages 3 and 4.
I start the final pencils having the thumbail as a guide, but not a definitive layout. I like to always have some room to change things as i draw.
Pencils for page nº4
I ink the page with a Winsor & Newton sable brush for almost everything, except for the panels outline, using a Copic Multiliner 0.7. After that, i erase the pencils and scan it.
If needed i correct things in the computer, and also add the greytones in this case.

Inks for page nº4
The magazine size is 14 x 21 cm and the originals are A3 (29.7 x 42cm)
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