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Phone Accessories
Industrial Design

Brand guideline and lifestyle accessories
for Atom Studios, UK
with Sabotage London

Atom studios is a lifestyle brand that aims to produce useful and long lasting tech accessories that stand out in a saturated market. The brand was established around three principles: Design, Usefulness and Consciousness. With the Sabotage team we developed a strong and unique brand identity as well as timeless essentials that simply solve every day problems. The products deliver on performance without being over-engineered. The range of materials is carefully selected to age beautifully.

Photos 1-5-6-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 © Atom Studios
Photos 2-7 © Item Blog 
Photo 3 © Sabotage London
Photo 4 © Astrid Vanhuyse

Phone Accessories
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Astrid Vanhuyse