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ADA Interior Design Association Identity

ADA is a design association in Suzhou, China, which gathers architecture, interior, decoration, furniture, branding, and other related design teams to work as a cohesive system. ADA provides an efficient platform for designers and customers to achieve high-quality projects from design to production. The mission of ADA is to help talented designers and creative teams develop the design industry of Suzhou City.

The goal of the identity system is to create a diverse, creative, and professional brand image. The logo is a group of solid geometric shapes that represent "ADA." It also works as a building or container that can be filled with different materials and textures. The brand identity is consistent and also flexible to present various projects and topics from the association. 

The visual system develops flat graphics of various patterns and three-dimensional visuals of different materials. The overall visual assets present a creative brand image in stationary, website, and activity posters.

Concept & Design / Iris Fan
Pattern Design / Chelsea Liu
C4D / Feng Ying

ADA Interior Design Association Identity
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