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Gregor Gouda - Virtual Assistant

Gregor Gouda is a virtual assistant designed for a neurodivergent user group.
The design has been created for the research project incluMOVE. As a mentoring figure Gregor Gouda has been integrated in the gamified assistive technology incluMOVE. He guides through working steps and explains important topics like work safety in video format.

Tasks: character design, illustration, animation

In 2019 animations were added to be integrated in a video format and the prototype of the assistive system incluMOVE.

The animations were created in After Effects with the help of the addon Duik.
Design Process

The design was created 2018.
In a study 35 thumbnails have been evaluated by the user group. The insights were used to select the final design draft and finalize the mouse Gregor Gouda.
The incluMOVE project

The incluMOVE research project supports neurodivergent users with their educational training in a working enviroment for electronic assembling. A gamified prototype was created which guides through each step of the assembling process of circuit boards.

The design and its animations are published under the CC-BY-SA license and can be used freely in any educational non-commercial project. You can access the download package on github.
Gregor Gouda - Virtual Assistant


Gregor Gouda - Virtual Assistant