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Пёс Поэта, Патриция МакЛахлан
Our new book: 
"The Poet's Dog" 
by American children's author Patricia MacLachlan

This work is published for the first time in Russian by Polandria Publishers. 
This is a touching story of two children, a poet and a dog, and how they help each other through loss and regain love. This is a book you want to read by the light of a kerosene lamp, in a cozy armchair under a plaid.)) We love the kind, unhurried, cozy and thoughtful atmosphere, tried to convey it in the illustrations.

Polandria Publishing House website, buy the book:
About the unusual stories involved in the making of the book at the link:
Еще о книге и истории создания на портале "Картинки и разговоры":
Sketches and embroidery of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, 
which was used in the illustrations.
This year Polandria Publishing House decorated its booth at the Nonfikhn23 International Intellectual Literature Fair with snowy illustrations from The Poet's Dog
and we were the invited guests, signed books, and gave a short lecture about our approach to illustration. Thank you to everyone who came and supported, thank you all for the unforgettable emotions!!!

And below are some sketches and photos that relate to this book.
You can read the stories about them at the links above.

The Urals, a sudden snowfall in September, we climbed the mountains 
and it was as if we were in our book.
Buy the book:
в 2022 году «Пес поэта» П.Маклахлан стал победителем конкурса "Образ книги"
in 2022 and illustrations participated in the International Illustration Fair,
 Guangzhou, China.
Пёс Поэта, Патриция МакЛахлан