This is my personal NFT art project, minimalistic dog noses with outer space inside. Each is hand-drawn, unique, and inspired by my corgi. I was releasing one new nose daily throughout December 2021.
(I will add the NFTs here as soon as Polygon is supported)
The collection teaser:
You can also watch this video on Youtube or Vimeo.
My goal was to explore crypto art and I wanted this to be something relatively simple, beautiful, funny, maybe a little crazy and based on things I love. I started with the noses (this is my second dog nose project actually, I am going to remake the old one and publish it separately), and the galactic part came out accidentally as I was playing around in Procreate. 

Initially I had planned 20 pictures but got carried away and recovered senses when there were 24. December was coming and it struck me that it could be an advent calendar-related thing anticipating New Year. So here we are.

Galactic Noses December 2021 calendar, updated daily.
As I could not share the whole collection right away, I made a teaser video featuring most of the items. (The order of noses appearance in the video is not the release order.)
Some work in progress screenshots:
Affinity Designer
Adobe After Effects
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Galactic Noses NFT


Galactic Noses NFT

New nose daily throughout December 2021