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"The Christmas Man"

"The Christmas Man" has been one of the most ambitious projects I have done, mainly because there were no stakes, and I had no idea about what I was doing (most of the time)

The idea came up when I brought the thought of making a Christmas card to my partner Hannah, but I wanted to do something different than the classic photo card.

I thought about a long-running internal joke that we have in our house about our dog Alfie having an alter ego called "The Christmas Man" (I can't deny that we have chatted about TCM cinematic universe a few times)

So, I decided that I wanted to make an illustrated card to mail to our loved ones, but then I took it to the next level - What if I made an animated short film and the printed card had a QR code that would take you to the film.

I wouldn't say I'm a designer, even though I dabble in design and I have been fortunate enough to learn, work, and manage incredibly talented designers over the years - But this was a different kind of approach 

How could I recreate some scenes of my daily life (and the characters in it) with limited experience in design and illustration?

Long story short - I made it work, and I'm excited to show everybody how it all came up. 

(You can see some of the illustrations/photos and the film below)

Some Photos of our house next to some of the frames of the short - Everything was based on our space (even the car was based on my partner's Mini)
Hope you enjoyed it and that you have an amazing holiday season
"The Christmas Man"


"The Christmas Man"