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2004 / Mobile fitness
Fact - fitness equipment is bulky, it’s sold in a kit and you usually have to spend more than 4hours to put your equipment together.
FitnessRoll brings together all the exercises you need for staying in shape : a rowing machine option for cardio training, rings for exercising the muscles at the top and the bottom of the bodyand a mat for floor exercises and relaxation. 
FitnessRoll is a nomadic fitness product, it rolls upand it unrolls wherever you want it to : anywhere at home, at work or on holiday. This concept is very easy to industrialize; it uses the same technology used in vacuum clearcord-retractors with an added resistance modulator. You can connect different accessories to the adjustable resistance pulleys that come out of thesides for carrying out different types of exercise.

Starting price for a fitness machine: 200 euros
Possible sales price for FitnessRoll if launched: 90 euros