Heating mains hatch covers redesigned (Samara, Russia)
Anniversary hatch “Globe of Samara”, designed by Vera Ivanchenko-Varlamova (left). Game cover “Samara Routes”, designed by Anastasia Komleva (right).
The vector layouts are not that illustrative, so we decided to make a 3D visualization to make sure we see the cover as they would appear. Let me also tell you some more about each cover.

Game cover "Samara Routes"
The main purpose of a hatch cover is to keep the well closed. That and not that many secondary functions: it may simply appear nice and shiny and it can serve as a spa for homeless cats. Samara the city was picked as a magic land. It was drawn in accordance with the fairytale traditions. Now every citizen or city guest can place a round or two of “Samara routes” over a nice sunny day. The rules are enclosed… sorry inscribed.
Game hatch cover “Samara Routes” in action
We took a tour around the city and made pictures of Samara hatch covers.
Here, for instance, how the cover on Leningradskaya Street would look like.
Anniversary cover "Globe of Samara"
In the pictorial novel of Nikolay Nosov “Neznaika on the Moon” the Earth’s satellite appears hollow and the ‘moon-dwellers’ live inside the Moon. This undoubtedly remarkable finding inspired us to create a “Globe of Samara”. It goes as simple as this: we draw some very typical Samara’s sights inside the circle that ideally fits the hatch cover. The image may appear somewhat anti-scientific but it does not claim to be a text book either. And it solves the problem of picking the spots worth visiting for the guests of the city.
We truly believe that nothing like that exists in the heating mains of VoTGK :)
Fake hatch cover
We really enjoyed working on the covers. It’s not that you get a chance to do something for the city every day. Please keep your fingers crossed for us in this competition!

Project headed by: Denis Kortunov

Designers: Vera Ivanchenko-Varlamova and Anastasia Komleva

Special thanks to: 3D modeling and visualization — Anton Altunian, assistance and good advice — Anton Guglia and Valeriy Namazov