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Vintage LED Makeup Box
Vintage LED Makeup Box
Makeup...comes with various tools such as brushes, beauty blenders, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, etc. Today, there are multiple ways to store your makeup. 

The Vintage LED Makeup Box keeps your makeup tools safe in a beautiful vintage wood box with a small mirror, dividers and LED lights inside. 

It is the perfect fit for your desk or vanity table! 
Get a taste of vintage but contemporary as well by using the Vintage LED Makeup Box. 
Initial Concept Sketch
Traveler makeup suitcase with lights and makeup tools.
Foamcore Prototype
My foam core prototype changed the structure of my first idea.
I was planning to do 2 equal boxes to create a suitcase model.  One in the bottom and the other one in the top. However, when I measured the first box I realized that it was perfect. If I added another box on top, it would look too big. 
So I used the other parts of the second box to add more design into the first box. For example, I added dividers inside the box and a top cover for the suitcase. 
Functional Prototype
Planning my functional prototype helped me to explore better ways to include lights inside the makeup suitcase. First, I was planning to use neopixel lights with an Arduino. Then, I had an option use LED lights with a battery. However, an easier way to include lights is to get LED push lights from Amazon. This will help me to save time and focus better on other functions of the project. 
Aesthetic (Form) Prototype
I chose a wood fabrication method because I changed the design of my prototype. I want a vintage look. Instead of acrylic, wood will give it a better aesthetic. 
The cons is that wood is too heavy. I will not be able to carry it around as traveler makeup suitcase. 
So, I decided for this prototype to be used as a vintage makeup box to stay in one place like in a vanity table, for example. 
User Testing

1. How often do you use makeup?
-Not often

2. What type/kind of makeup bags/cases do you have?
-Crate organizer 
- Pouches in a bag
-Traveler bags

3. How many of them do you have?
-Between 1-5 traveler bags

-Add a material to stop the cover top from falling.
-No need for many color lights.
-More dividers​​​​​​​
-Instead of push lights, try a ring light around the mirror.
-Make the lights turn on when the makeup box opens.
Vintage LED Makeup Box
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Mariam Salinas

Vintage LED Makeup Box


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