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Elton John Eyewear

Elton John Eyewear
Visual system for campaign

For the launch of Elton John Eyewear collection, we took inspiration from Elton John’s own story as an individual and as an artist. For our visual identity system, we wanted to evoke the idea of self-expression, but also convey individuality and show the range in our eyewear using a color palette inspired by the actual products.

The brief was to create a campaign to help launch the Elton John Eyewear collection, in partnership with Walmart and Sam’s Club. Because we were partnering with both Walmart & Sam’s Club, and also featuring over 80+ pairs of different eyewear designs, we needed to come up with a cohesive system that could work across all partnerships.

Walmart pledged to donate an annual minimum of $1 million in revenue from the collection to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Results came in with a staggering 850M total impressions within 30 days across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

Client: Walmart / Sam's Club

Agency: Deutsch LA
EVP, Executive Creative Director: Chris MacNeil
EVP, Chief Design Officer: Adhemas Batista
Associate Creative Director: Max Pollak
Associate Creative Director: Carly Blitz
Design Director: Kenneth Kegley
Junior Designer: Daisy Rosas
SVP, Director of Assets and Content: John Cluckie
Senior Art Producer: Shelly Amin
Photographers: Danielle Levitt, Ben Morris

Elton John Eyewear