Mala'a Tech: Brand Identity & Website
What is Mala’a?

Mala’a is an ecosystem of financial products. It has three offers: personal finance management, credit scoring, and investments. Each product helps you grow your financial well-being. The brand identity we have created is based on growth: every person is able to grow their own flower of prosperity, and Mala'a application can help them.

— Embacy 2021 Saudi Arabia
Brand Identity

The style is built on blooming flowers, that represent facilitating positive habits. It has references to biomorphism, a style of construction in design using biological imagery, using a parametric, mathematical modelling system when constructing such objects.
3D Graphics

Each Mala’a Tech direction corresponds to a different flower shape. Each bud is colored in the appropriate gradient. For example, PFM is a financial assistant that helps you accumulate more based on recommendations. The flowers here represent the growth and fragrance of PFM users' wealth, which is achieved through accurate financial advice.

The final website completely inherits the branding style, but is also complemented by photos and the lightly stylized UI elements. The website is available in both light and dark themes, and can be viewed in two languages, English and Arabic.

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Mala'a Tech: Brand Identity & Website