• Øyafestivalen Identity
    Fall 2013 Senior Thesis Project
    Øyafestivalen is a music festival in Oslo, Norway. It is unique in its large variety of artists, location of the festival and their environmental efforts. The identity is inspired by the lights and movement of a live performance. In the logo, the letterforms are inspired by the ruins and cut rock that exist at the location of the festival (Medieval Park, Oslo) and is filled with the gradients referencing the lights. 
    Throughout the identity, the logo is split up to add movement and energy, as seen in the stationery and website. Within the posters, type is broken up in a similar fashion. The gradients are used to reference prisms and hint at the revealing nature of a live performance. They show the true emotion and soul of each artist.
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  • The typeface was created as an extension of the logo and again inspired by the ruins at the festival location. I then went on to create gifs of the typeface using actual light as the fill. I experimented with different techniques and light sources (candlelight, tv light, lasers, LED flashlights) and ended up with using LED flashlights and a lasercut of the letter. 
  • Finally, there is the Environmental Handbook. It is about making festivals as environmentally friendly as possible and is a manual of sorts for other festivals. The book has a cardboard cover which also acts as the packaging, thus being environmentally efficient.
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