This is my entry for the branding of Dunmore East Harbour, a small harbour town in Waterford, Ireland, and was completed as part of the BA(Hons) Design (Visual Communications) course at WIT.  For this logo I tried to stay away from obvious clichés that harbours and fisheries bring while still being true to the area.  The logo is based off of the idea of three elements working together to regenerate the area, the fisheries, the local community, and local business.  The triangle is the strongest of all shapes and is described as having good foundational qualities.  Each side of the triangle works in perfect harmony, much like what Dunmore East is trying to achieve through this regeneration project.  The colours represent the flat red sandstone cliffs that the harbour is built from, and the blue being an obvious reference to the water of Dunmore East.
To promote the area I decided to go with an illustrated brochure.  On receiving the brief and meeting the client it became apparent that much of the activities and tourist attractions that they wish to promote are either not in existence yet, or are still in their infancy.  The brochure is aimed at the cruise line tourists that generally pass through the area on their way to Waterford, so hopefully by promoting some of the local attractions in this way, the brochure will stand out from other available literature on the South East of Ireland.
As well as the logo design and brochure we also had to develop a social media campaign to promote a micro enterprise resource centre.  Each application had to be targeted towards a different audience, so for this application I chose the younger entrepreneurial age group, as well as the recently out of work fishermen that may need to re-train in other areas – such as the offshore wind industry.
The competition will run early 2014 so I’ll keep you updated!