TOXFREE Campaign
---University Final Project
Beauty industry is one of rapid growing industries in this modern era. From exfoliating soaps and volumizing shampoos to anti-wrinkle creams, the beauty industry provides us with choices galore to keep us looking younger and healthier. On the other hand, many beauty products like make up, skin care, nail polish and hair products contain chemical ingredients that lack safety data. There are in fact more than 125 ingredients used on the skin suspected of causing cancer, 20 cause adverse nervous system reactions, and 25 are connected to birth defects.
Toxfree is a campaign that aims to raise awareness about the danger of toxic ingredients in beauty products in Singapore. The deliverables are the logo of the campaign, stationaries, mobile apps, web design, poster series, brochure, and event booth design.
Data presented on screen above is based on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database site