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Google Pixel 6 Pro
3D Motion
After Effects

Thoroughly highlighting features of a flagship smartphone for the global technology giant

Launching their new smartphone, Pixel 6 Pro, Google invited us to participate in the launch campaign of the device and create materials that would showcase its key features. 
To embody the smartphone in the digital space, we examined its updated design focusing on materials, texture, light, and color.


To capture the experience of interaction with the device, we paid close attention to the materials of the smartphone. Working on the textures, we highlighted the shape of the Pixel Pro 6 and made its digital embodiment more tangible.

Designed to capture shine and reflection, metal rim around the phone and its glass panels are pristine and elegant. Featured in one of the scenes, the interface elements harmonize with the external shape of the smartphone and create a complete impression.

Light and shadows

A balance of light and shadows based on the principles of product photography is another important component in capturing the nuances of the smartphone's shape. Covered in naturally looking reflections, the device is a central piece of its environment—drawing attention, it is seamlessly integrated in the interior.


Minimalistic interiors are designed to become elements that harmoniously complement smartphones. The mirror creates an additional reality and gives the phone three-dimensional features. This allowed us to reflect on the phone from different angles and put the right light accents.

Natural landscapes and materials are one of our main sources of inspiration, and in this project, we used granite as an integral part of the interior. The shade and rough texture of stone allowed for the interaction between the smartphone and the external environment.


Choosing a color palette, we started from the appearance of smartphones—the Sun and Carbon colorways. Combining shades of yellow, peach, black, and graphite from the color palettes, we created a soft background accompaniment.




Created by:

Creative Direction: 
Igor Sordokhonov, Dmitriy Ponomarev

Art Direction: 
Anna Reshetnikova

Design, Animation: 
Anna Reshetnikova, Pavel Pitaev, Alexey Schipachev, Roman Kotov,  Sergey Shurupov, Roman Eltsov, Denis Semenov

Pavel Pitaev, Alexey Schipachev

Grischa Lichtenberger

Alexandra Kotova


Google Pixel 6 Pro