PHOTON - A.I & Creative Experience

Create your unique WebGL fibers by PHOTON - The A.I. system from Alibaba Cloud Neuro-Symbolic Lab.

PHOTON A.I. is an interaction-based visual reasoning system from Neuro - Symbolic Lab, an A.I. lab with a focus on future technology, innovation from Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud Design, together with NS - Lab, has created an immersive digital experience that enables users to interact with PHOTON and generate 3D digital fibers representing PHOTON consciousness online.

BUILD PHOTON A.I. Modules   

PHOTON internally incorporate natural language modules, vision modules, spatio-temporal modules, execution modules, cause-effect and reasoning modules, and memory modules, which are organically combined to gradually accomplish increasingly complex tasks.
We abstracted PHOTON A.I. into a "Digital Brain" - an organic intelligence. Users can interact with it through a gamified drag-and-drop experience, which provides an all-round understanding of the capability composition of PHOTON. 

Logical  x  Imaginative   

We designed two interactive experience routes: Logical and Imaginative, corresponding to PHOTON's image quizzing ability (VQA) and image generation ability (Imaginative), respectively.

' Bring Consciousness to Machine ' is the ultimate vision of Neuro - Symbolic Lab. This international digital experience website, created by Alibaba Cloud Design, is a lightweight creative connection between A.I. and users, and a gift to AI scientist. We hope that through creative technology and design, more people will perceive Alibaba Cloud's deep exploration in artificial intelligence. Furthermore, we expect that in the future, Photon A.I. will be more perfect and eventually serve our lives.

Bring Consciousness 
to Machine "

-  Dr. Fangbo Tao, Founder of Alibaba Cloud NS-LAB

A.I. Consciousness - 3D Digital Fiber   

Upon completion of the experience, the user is given a "consciousness" created in conjunction with PHOTON - a unique 3D "Digital Fiber" that is based on real-time rendering and artificial intelligence analysis.
Based on the user's uploaded images, the Digital Fiber will generate creative and differentiated art forms.

brand proposition of ns - lab   


  Design PROCESS​​​​​​​

Houdini x Blender X WebGL  >  PHOTON Digital Brain   

We used Houdini to customize the geometry generation algorithms, which generates the geometry data that meets the performance requirements of real-time rendering. Furthermore, we wrote Python scripts in Blender to optimize the data. Combining the brain data, we took WebGL shaders to implement deferred rendering in the GPU, using a rasterized rendering pipeline to approximate ray tracing and achieve a fine and smooth depth-of-field effect.


  Interface animation

the designers' best kept secret   

Throughout creative technologies like WebGL, Shader, Canvas, as well as CSS3, we have implemented interface animations such as page transitions, codec-text effects, drag and drop, page scrolling, pixel point physical buffering, camera movement to name a few. They are unique, smooth, and consistent and precise throughout the creative experience of the website. It is the language of motion design that generates real-time feedback to the user during the immersive experience.

Alibaba Cloud Design

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PHOTON - A.I & Creative Experience

PHOTON - A.I & Creative Experience

The AI and creative experience from Alibaba Cloud Neuro-Symbolic Lab. PHOTON is the AI system from NS-LAB, it takes AI and WebGL renderings to le Read More