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​​​​​​​Light sometimes sway in the wind.

The constant shaking flames captivated the people in front of them. Light, as an object of contemplation, is an old myth, tool, and objet. Whatever they feels, people fall into their own stories in front of the shaking light.
Shaking Light is an objet that evokes appreciation.

Breeze Lamp expresses the light of an objet by adding movement to the lighting of fixed use. When a person's touch, wind blows, or something causes movement, it reacts naturally and moves accordingly.

Hold the height and position of the light source with bolts and nuts and fix the wire to raise the lighting. Various lighting configurations can be created while changing the structure according to use.

WxDxH : 155 x 155 x 1450 (mm)

Light source : 1 x chip Led 3W / 2700K / 150 lm / CRI95

Material : Stainless steel / Brass / ABS Plastic / Acrylic

Work by

Jinhyeong Kwon / Hochan Yoon

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Multiple Owners
Jinhyeong Kwon