Rock&Dream is a global start-up evolving trading relations between the main roles in live music business. Audience, bands & venues working openly to settle down the fundations of a new indsutry.
Entrepreneurs need big support in the first stage of their ventures. And of course we took their call helping to translate their starting idea to a business. With a reduced budget we had to design & implement a disruptive platform which allowed to itroduce a brand new business model to a market in a depth transformation.
Thinking out the box we started working in a complet DIY solution to grow interconnection between the main industry agents.
Quickly putting together a dynamic group of designers and teamwork facilitators we developed the core functionalities of the platform and guide the first encounters. We also created an easy-to-use CF/CS on-line tool to empower audiences' decision-making.
Regarding to marketing and design we produced a hanmade video presentation trough which we developed the marketing strategy and business vision. We also created a serie of editable and reusable wallpapers facilitating long-term mkt work.
Among summer 2012 the platform landed to the ground with a first amazing panel of crowdsourced & crowdfunded concerts in the magic garden of Ebano Gastro-Bar in Barcelona. The first artists to understand the potencial of the project were Bikimel, Joan Dausà and Rosa Pou. Coming across a high strengh reaction from old industry players they readily accepted to be part of this experiment that tests new interactin ways and show to industry that another way to do business is possible. 
CLIENT:  Rock&Dream    SITE:      YEAR: 2012
ROLE: Service Designer
SKILLS: business development, project managing, teamwork facilitating, users iterface, crowfunding plugin development, video marketing, marketing strategy
TEAM: Enric Segura (biz development & facilitator), Anabel Titos (marketing & facilitator), Jose Irurita (IT), Roger Gual (designer), Dani Izquierdo (video production), Dominique Bertholet (community mgmt), Elleonor Pender (idioms translation)


We designed a global solution for Barcelona based crowdfunding startup Rock&Dream. Teamwork facilitation, user experience and business strategy a Read More