Boundless: Talent Empowerment Agency

Boundless is a black-owned talent empowerment boutique agency, on a mission to challenge the power of personality and talent and prove that it is truly limitless. By expanding application of talents, they ignite careers and improve client's level of fulfilment and accomplishment. They do it by providing premium representation, PR, branding and marketing services, backed up by hands-on experience and knowledge gained inside the industry, which allow their clients' career change or start journeys to go smoothly.

Bold yet minimal color palette allows achieving of visual consistency and treatment of every communication touchpoint as a statement.

Building off of chosen tagline "One Talent, Many Routes to Success" and keeping in mind main clientele of Boundless - athletes, we created a set of flat and gradient-based patterns, inspired by road shapes and sports fields markup. Combined with a variety of ribbons symbolising new beginnings as well as epic finish lines, and bold typographic treatment, it creates a recognisable visual identity for Boundless Boutique Agency. Ever moving, ever exploring, ever curious, ever loud.

Boundless: Talent Empowerment Agency
Multiple Owners
ByAllMeans Studio