This vase was a school art project during spring 2013. We first studied the work of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona and beyond and then went on to look at the natural forms in our world. Eventually, we made vases based on some natural forms. I was inspired by the smooth curves and irregularities of Gaudi's work, creating a vase that follows a simple shape but has certain irregularities about it, such as the bulge on one side and the imperfect edge at the top.
The irregularity of the edge of the lip was based upon the wavy edge of the inside part of a daffodil (narcissus).
I gathered ideas for textures and patterns based upon natural forms.
The small grooves on the upper lip of the vase were inspired by flower petals and the grooves in tree bark.
I tried to capture some of Gaudi's vibrant use of colours on the vase, with a gradual change from deep blue, purple and green at the bottom to sky blue and white at the top.