Canadian Football League
National Ad Campaign
For my Advertising class at George Brown College we had to create a national ad campaign for the Canadian Football League. My group used primarily traditional media like Television, Print and Out of Home to convey the message of "Canada's Other Game." My main focus was to bridge the gap between the Hockey and NFL seasons so that fans of hard-hitting, physical sports could relate to the CFL.
Our project was include among the top 4 in the school and was sent to the CFL. 
• Demographics - Canadian males
• Psychographics - Those who enjoy theNFL and NHL during the winter months
• Behavioural - Great for getting theguys together and having a good time
• Core User – Athletic footballplayer type, has all the team paraphernalia, lives and dies with his team

Creative Techniques
• Highlight the hardhitting nature of football in general
• To show how excitingthe CFL is
• To show the CFL as aserious sports league
Print, Bus Stop/Mall Posters
Subway Ad
We were not able to film a television commercial, but it went as follows:

- Packed hockey arena, the crowd is going wild as a player is about take a penalty shot.
- The player starts to skate, he's picking up speed, then BOOM
- Crushing sound and image of a CFL player tackling the hockey player
- The crowd goes silent, a couple seconds pass and 3-4 CFL fans start cheering
- Camera goes to the CFL player who is jogging off the ice, points to the camera and smiles
- Fade to black, show CFL logo