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    Wt minimalist travelling= 8 meters boat for the Y generation
The Y generation is more an more used to travel around the world and is driven by its curiosity and hunger for discovery.
How to propose the best tool for the young people to fulfill their dream?

Because of no additional cost to move form A to B points; the boat is the best solution to travel wherever you want.
The searches were firstly axed on simple volumes to create the smartest and lightest living area as possible for two people.
To maximize the height on the boat according to the purest exterior aspect, I raised the hull line and kept the aspect of flat deck. (In red the usual line of boats, in green the new line for this boat)
Rethinking of the process: Because today large scale 3D printing  and metal 3D printing exist we can redefine the way to built a boat and propose it at 5000€ without engine and instruments.
If the structure is 3D printed it's also possible to change completely the way to furnishing it by integrating all elements on it. Then, all the additional work of furnishing will be simplified to simple wood plates to add to the structure.
Size: Length: 8meters, width: 3meter