GORE-TEX requested us an experience for consumers located in different stores around the world, starting with Camper stores. The goals of this installation were to communicate the benefits of their footwear with a ludic and interactive experience.

The installation consist in a physical table with a 42’’ screen inside it, the GORE-TEX shoe above it, and 4 markers -physical cubes representing each meteorology effect-.

In the experience the user can control the meteorology (snow, wind, rain and sun) of a virtual world with the markers. Meanwhile, in the digital world you can see a urban square where multiples characters make their own life until you bother them with the different inclemencies. At this moment they run as fast as they can to protect them under a physical shoe.

My main tasks on this projects have been to develop the Unity application, integrate all the different parts of the team and, the most important thing, to develop the artificial intelligence that runs the characters and their reactions to the meteorological inclemencies. I've also collaborated in the main ideas of the detection of the markers using OpenFrameworks.
Client: GORE-TEX | Agency: Doubleyou | Physical Case: Koala
Role: Interactive Direction and Development
Tools: Unity, OpenFrameworks
Date: 2013