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Purple Chopstix Redesign, September 2021
Purple Chopstix Website Redesign
September 2021

My Purple Chopstix redesign Adobe XD prototype/wireframe.

View the published website at

Concept: My assignment was to redesign the website for a local restaurant, Purple Chopstix, in a continuous scroll fashion.

This redesign was created as an assignment for a graduate level interactive design class at Ohio University.

Work: I began my process with studying the current website of Purple Chopstix and its content. I then sketched out a low-fi wireframe, taking care to think through how I wanted the website to progress as the user scrolled down. I asked myself, "What is the most important information? What are users trying to accomplish when they visit this site?" 

Screenshot of the original Purple Chopstix website,

In order to properly redesign the site, I needed to refresh the Purple Chopstix brand, so I created a new logo and color palette based on the restaurant's facade.

Referencing my new logo and color palette, I transformed my sketch into a high-fi wireframe using Adobe XD and used it as my guide while I coded the site with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap. I used Visual Studio Code as my text editor.  

Challenges: Organizing the menu in a way that wouldn't overwhelm users was a difficult problem to solve, but I eventually landed on using tabs. This way, no matter whether the user was on a desktop or phone, they would be able to navigate the menu without questions or confusion. 

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio Code

Timeline: 3 weeks


Purple Chopstix Redesign, September 2021
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Amanda Weisbrod