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3D Visual Resume

3D Visual Resume
You may not know much about me, nor have the time to read my life story, but you can step into my virtual room and still get to know me. My belief is through collective items in my room, you will be able to piece together my personality and lifestyle.
Day Time
Night Time
What is in my room?
Computer Setup: PC(fans, GPU, CPU cooler), Desk Mat, Monitor, Mic
Furniture: Office Chair, Metal Stool, Cube Shelf, Mini Table, PC Table, Piano Stand
Miscellaneous Items: Key Caps, Solder Iron, Skateboard, IU & Taeyeon Album, Katana, Katana Stand, Posters, Electronic Keyboard, Post It Notes
Environment: Grass field

What is the point of this room?
Like any resume, this project will be a work in progress. Every year or so I can update my belongings, room setup, or generally achievements I have accumulated in my life. This is a great chance to see the evolution of my room as I grow as a designer and person.

10x Zoom
Yamaha YPT-300 Electronic Keyboard
MSI Moniter, Cyberpower PC, Cutting Mat, Razer Seiren Mic 
Soldering Workbench for keyboard building
WowGo3 Electric Skateboard
Collection of albums and artifacts. 
Wall of post it notes, where I attempt to jot down events and notes I want to remember.
Product Design Closeup
Looped Preview of my 3D Room
3D Visual Resume

3D Visual Resume