The industry is very competitive and agencies receive hundreds of emails with portfolios and CV's every day. 
So I had to come up with something different, in order to get attention. 
So I decided to create a Milk BOX with my CV on it, so I could send it to the agencies inside a "Creative Lunch Box". I came up with this idea when I first moved to London and dreamed with getting a job at Wieden+Kennedy in Brick Lane, I love their work but I was aware that getting an interview there was not easy at all. So I came up with this crazy idea of making a "Lunch Meal", and send him to them. 
I actually never got to sent it, because several things got into the way and I thought I wasn't ready for it at the time this was made - and I think advertising wasn't really what I wanted to do with my life so I end up working as a Art Director / Motion Designer.
But I did end up working out for some really nice names in the industry, like Google, amoung others.
I must say that I am not proud of this, and it never got me any job whatsoever - never needed a CV to get a job, but I guess this was a funny way to realise that a CV doesn't mean a damn thing! Your work speaks for yourself :)